Springtime is when new life begins and it is a good time for us to breathe some new life into ourselves. It is time to think about Spring cleaning, both in the home and in our bodies. To optimize health during the spring season, you will find the following recommendations helpful. (If you have any chronic illness, please consult with your physician before taking any herbal or nutritional supplements or beginning an exercise program.)

  • Get outside when you can. Breathe the spring air, feel the sun on your skin, move your body to its comfort level. As the weather warms, try to establish a regular exercise routine.
  • Check out the farmer’s markets for the seasonal vegetables and fruits. Consider eating more shoots, sprouts, and spring greens to match the new growth season. Baby nettles are wonderful steamed or boiled (removes the sting) and rich in iron and silica. Hard-boiled eggs are a traditional Spring food and are high in iron, B-vitamins and protein.
  • Consider a cleanse/detox program that is appropriate for you. Please consult your physician before starting. He/She will be able to give you guidelines that are just right for you. There are many ways to complete a cleanse. Some valuable resources are: The New Detox Diet, by Elson Haas, MD and The Tummy Temple at www.tummytemple.com.
  • Spring clean your home to remove common allergens such as dust and mold. Recycling old papers and donating unused items in the home will allow you to feel lighter and less cluttered.
  • Optimize your immune system before the seasonal allergies get you. Many people do well to increase their Vitamin C and bioflavonoids daily as they are natural anti-histamines. Many herbs are also helpful as anti-histamines without the drowsy side-effects common to other medicines.
  • Take a food-based multivitamin each morning with breakfast. This will have all the essential nutrients you need in case your nutrition is lacking. Food-based vitamins are more gentle on the stomach and better absorbed.