How To Request Medical Records

Ways to Get Your Medical Records

  • Free option: Send records to a medical office or provider: If you’d like to request your records be sent to another physician’s office please send your request to our virtual assistant through the Charm Patient Portal. You can also have the other physician’s office fax us a records request to 206-922-5322 (for any office location or provider). Please note: We try to resolve records requests within a couple days of receiving them, but on the rare occasion we are behind these can take up to 2 weeks to be sent out.
  • Not Free: Request a personal copy of your medical record to be mailed to you. There is a small charge for this. Please send a message to our Virtual Assistant through the Charm Patient Portal with your request and she will get you started on this process. Typically this route will take 1-2 weeks for us to complete.

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