Skin Conditions

Conditions We Treat:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Peri-orbital dermatitis
  • Rosacea
  • Hidrastysis Supperativa
  • Aging and Wrinkles

Potential Recommended Testing:

  • General labs to assess overall health.
  • Testing to evaluate gut health. 



Treatment length*

·      Acne

3-6 months to achieve 75-90% improvement **

·      Rosacea

3 months to achieve improvement

·      Eczema

2 weeks to 1 month to see improvements

·      Hidrastysis Supperativa

3-6 months to achieve improvement 

·      Peri-orbital dermatitis

1-3 months to see improvement depending on treatment plan chosen


*Please note that the treatment length is just an estimate/ average and the path to healing is different for every person and is dependent on many factors. 

** For many conditions to maintain improvement or resolution of a concern requires a regular maintenance program.

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Our Locations:

“Best place for integrative medicine! They have several great Naturopaths, a skincare specialist, and an on-site natural supplement pharmacy.”

– Courtney Smith

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