Meet Dr. Richardson

Dr. Richardson is the owner of NFM Health Incorporated and its three locations in Seattle. She first started out as a resident under Dr. Tamara Cullen Evans and after years of mentorship and continued learning she was presented with the opportunity to take over the practice from Dr. Evan’s when she retired. After that point it has been a whirlwind of growing her corporation in order to serve more patients and offer naturopathic primary care medicine to people throughout the Seattle area. 

Q & A with Dr. Richardson: 

How much time does Dr. Richardson spend in each of the three clinic locations?  

Dr. Richardson provides care five days a week. You can see her any day of the week via video consult. For in person visits she is in the clinic as follows: 

  • Naturopathic Family Medicine (Fremont): Mondays and Fridays
  • Natural Healthcare NW (Downtown): Tuesdays
  • West Seattle Natural Medicine: Wednesdays and Thursdays 

Does Dr. Richardson accept insurance? 

Yes! She is in net-work with Aetna, Kaiser PPO, First Choice Health Network, Premera, Regence, Cigna/ American Specialty Health, Ambetter, and Blue Cross Blue Shield (depending on the state). Please call your insurance to ensure Dr. Richardson is in-network and that you have naturopathic benefits. We are not able to check eligibility for patients. 

How soon can I get an appointment with Dr. Richardson? 

Dr. Richardson tends to book out one to two weeks. You can add on to her wait list if you are wanting to get in sooner and we will reach out if there is a cancellation. If you need an appointment sooner please consider scheduling with one of her residents who she works with closely. 

Does Dr. Richardson specialize in any modalities? 

Dr. Richardson does family medicine and sees patients for primary care. Her residency was in family medicine with an emphasis in pediatrics. She is experienced working with all age groups of pediatrics from newborns through adolescents and teenagers. Though Dr. Richardson is a primary care physician for the majority of her patients, she enjoys doing more specialized care in these categories: acne, hormone replacement therapy, PCOS, ADHD, eczema, eosinophilic esophagitis and other GI concerns. 

A Timeline of Events…..

  • West Seattle Natural Medicine: 2002-2021: Katherine Oldfield, ND: Founder of West Seattle Natural Medicine. Dr. Oldfield moved to Canada with her family in 2017, but continued to manage the clinic until Dr. Richardson took over the business in 2021. 
  • Naturopathic Family Medicine: 2008-2016: Dr. Tamara Cullen Evans, ND: Founder of Naturopathic Family Medicine Dr. Evans grew the practice into a family clinic that was one of the first to offer naturopathic pediatric services to the Fremont community. Dr. Evans retired in 2016 and moved to Hawaii where she is now a partial owner in a company that produces sustainable and environmentally conscious ocean gear.
  • Natural Healthcare NW: 2008-2017: Dr. Cynthia Buxton, ND: Founder of Natural Healthcare NW. Dr. Richardson took over the practice from Dr. Buxton in 2017 after she moved to the Northeast to be closer to her family.

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“Wonderful doctors…knowledgeable about conventional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine, and the two can work together. Been going there for over 10 years”

– Paul Rogat Loeb

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